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Dual Citizenship Services

Caterina Ranieri’s practice is solely focused on dual citizenship matters. She is a dual citizen of the United States and Italy and has filed many article 78 petitions on behalf of her clients in New York State court.

She has helped hundreds of clients with their dual citizenship journeys in so many ways including filing NYS petitions to obtain:

  • Certified long-form copies of ancestors’ birth certificates
  • “One and the same” court orders
  • Orders amending certain vital documents
  • Declaratory judgments
  • Release certified copies of judgments of divorce
  • Applications on behalf of clients to obtain US naturalization documents or “no record” letters from USCIS and NARA

Please note that Caterina is admitted to practice law in New York State and therefore cannot advise on the laws of other countries or whether you qualify for dual citizenship with another country. Please contact an attorney duly competent to advise you on laws regarding the country with which you are seeking dual citizenship.

Finally, the United States permits its citizens to maintain a dual-citizenship, meaning they are also a recognized citizen of a foreign nation. Each country has its own unique laws that govern the eligibility and qualifications to become a citizen or dual-citizen of that country. It is incumbent upon you to research the laws of other countries to determine their policies regarding dual citizenship.

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